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Caleton Blanco, Santiago de Cuba

Calet?n Blanco (White Inlet), as the name suggests, is an area where sandy inlets abound. This is a zone where there are not wide beaches, that is why the inlets stand out and make even more beautiful this region?s landscapes. On the front side, they have the sea, on the back the colossal view of the Sierra Maestra, outlining a sight unique in its natural beauty.

No casas are currently available in Caleton Blanco, Santiago de Cuba

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Cabanas Campismo Caleton Blanco

Cabanas Campismo Caleton Blanco

Campismo Calet?n Blanco is located off a very sparsely populated coastal road 30Km West of Santiago de Cuba City. The caba?as (villas) have all the facilities for a comfortable stay.

This remote part of Cuba is well off the beaten track and great place to escape \"civilisation\". The big reason to holiday here is for the awesome mountain trekking, and as a resting point before travelling further West to Cuba\'s biggest mountain trek up Pico Turquino, at Las Cuevas.

It has 22 double simply decorated cabanas with a wonderful view.