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Niquero, Granma

Niquero is a municipality and city in the Granma Province of Cuba. It is located in the coastal region of the province, bordering the Gulf of Guacanayabo. Cape Cruz (Cabo Cruz), the westermost point of the province is located in this municipality. The municipality is divided into the barrios of Belic, Gorito, Jagua, Norte, Platanito, Sevilla, Sur and Vicana.

Lumberjacks of the Sierra Maestra and fishermen of the Gulf of Guacanayabo were founded, after 1571, a peasant town that Niq?ero was called, to exist many niguas there, becoming the name then Niquero. The Government Military North American believes the municipality in 1899, and it suppressed it in 1901, annexing it to Manzanillo, until in 1916 he obtained his municipal autonomy again. Niquero concludes in Cabo Cruz, in the Southwest end of the island, where they are observed, the same as in the Punta Mais?, big marine terraces, carved by the sea.

It is a territory with vast sowed extensions of cane and producing of sugar. Others of their economic lines are the fruit-bearing ones, victuals and vegetables. It has a port, dedicated to the export of the candy, mainly.

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Top 1 of 1 Hotels in Niquero

Hotel Islazul Niquero

Hotel Islazul Niquero

About the only game in town between Manzanillo and Marea del Portillo, this hotel in the fly-blown port town of Niquero makes a good base for exploring the extreme west of Granma province. The town is intriguing for its wooden buildings in a uniquely Cuban vernacular. Not too many tourists pass through Niquero, which was battered about by Hurricane Dennis. Those that discover this hotel are usually pleased, and we liked it from the minute it opened in 2002 after being purpose built (the modern architecture is less than inspired, but so what).

The staff have always been welcoming during our visits, and we\'ve enjoyed quite a few beers and mojitos (when mint is available) at the simple bar. The modern, air-conditioned restaurant here, albeit very restricted in its menu, is about the best game in town. There\'s a rooftop terrace with belvedere.

It has 26 air-conditioned rooms, all with satellite TV, radio, phones, mini-refrigerators, and bathrooms refitted in 2002 with modern fixtures.