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Restaurante Mimi,  Trinidad Sancti Spiritus

Owner: Yosvel García Rodríguez
License: 110/11
Food: Cuban ,  International ,  Italian ,  Light Meals
Open Hours: 12:00 - 23:00
Meals Served: spaguettis, rice, beans, beef, lobster, coctels
Chefs: Yosvel García Rodríguez
Location: Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus
Address: calle Gutiérrez # 397-A entre calle Colón y calle San Procopio.

The Mimi restaurant is located on Calle Gutiérrez, in the Monument District of the city of Trinidad. It is surrounded by beautiful rental homes, shopping malls and other nightclubs that are much sought after by tourists. It has for its clientele of 9 tables and has a maximum capacity for 30 people. The restaurant has 2 restaurants. One of them at the entrance from the street on the first level; Composed of 4 tables, a bar, fans and has a large window that allows the cool breeze of the mountains. The other room is located on the second level of the house, on a large and cool terrace with 5 tables. The restaurant opens its doors to start service at 12 m and ends at 11 p.m.

The menu is based on national and international recipes such as Italian spaghetti. The offerings are prepared by chefs with several years of experience. The average price of each meal ranges from 5 cuc and 15 cuc.

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