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Restaurants and Paladares in Old Havana

A Prado y Neptuno

Food: Italian
Owner: Habaguanex
Place: Old Havana
Address: Paseo del Prado, esquina a Neptuno
Phone: (537) 860 9636

Near the Paseo del Prado, in the central and populous corner of Prado and Neptuno, lies the restaurant of the same name. The facility occupies an area which traditionally has hosted major culinary centers of the capital area: Bodega de Alonso, in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, the elegant cafe and restaurant Columns Miami, later named Caracas and finally Budapest. The restaurant, currently designed by renowned ...

Doña Eutimia

Food: Cuban
Owner: Leticia
Place: Old Havana
Address: Callejón del Chorro No.60 C, Plaza de la Catedral Habana Vieja

This paladar is located opposite an artist’s workshop within a few meters of the large state restaurant, El Patio, on Cathedral Square. The contrast could not be greater. Doña Eutimia is small, cozy, intimate. The bar area has a modern coffee shop lounge feel (think Friends) with comfortable sofas, bright cushions and good music (modern lounge). The beautiful iron-work at the end of the bar looks like old elevator doors ...

El Templete

Food: International ,  Seafood
Owner: Habaguanex
Place: Old Havana
Address: Avenida del Puerto, esquina a Narciso López
Phone: (537) 866 8807

El Templete Restaurant takes its name from its proximity to the monument, built in 1828, recalls the founding of the town of San Cristobal de La Habana in 1519. Blessed by the celebrations of 2004, when the town of San Cristobal de La Habana fulfilled its 485 years, reopened its doors this property with the intention of reviving the fishing tradition in the same environment for decades. Delicious dishes based ...

La Moneda Cubana

Food: Cuban ,  International
Owner: No available
Place: Old Havana
Address: Empedrado # 152 / Mercaderes y San Ignacio
Phone: 8615304

Located at the entrance of the Plaza of the Havana Cathedral, la Moneda Cubana had its beginnings in 1924 where they sold food and liquor among other items. Today, this restaurant-paladar welcomes its customers with the Cuban house warm and its most exquisite Cuban flavors while they enjoy the beauty of the colonial Old Havana and the wonderful views that can be seen from la Moneda Cubana. The cuisine is ...

La Torre de Marfil

Food: Asian
Owner: Habaguanex
Place: Old Havana
Address: Mercaderes #115, entre Obispo y Obrapía
Phone: (537) 867 1038

The 18th century house occupied by the restaurant La Torre de Marfil is located in Mercaderes Street, this side part of the city was characterized in the second half of the 18th century by the presence of various commercial establishments. The La Torre de Marfil remembers the wisdom and accuracy with which the early Cantonese immigrants prepare their meals. Here you can breathe the spirit of those distant places recognized ...

La Zaragozana

Food: Spanish
Owner: Habaguanex
Place: Old Havana
Address: Monserrate, e/ Obispo y Obrapía
Phone: (537) 867 1040

Its foundation dates from 1830 and have since its inception was stamped Spanish cuisine of the region it is named. Site required for travelers and drivers then, the restaurant draws from the tradition now implemented by Jose Currais, one of its first owners, a native of Zaragoza. Decorated with scarves, flags, football scarves and photos donated by customers, the restaurant has one of the strongest culinary traditions on Spanish cuisine ...

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