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Hostal Dra. Marta Carballo

Owner: Marta Carballo Gonzales
License: 89201309
Place: Moron
Address: Calle Castillo # 221 entre Coronel Cervantes y Línea Municipio Morón Provincia Ciego de Ávila
Rooms: Two Departments
Phone: +53 33 50 5666
Mobile: +53 5 240 5602

Hostal located very near Marti Park, Central Square Moron City Gallo. For her, the nearest Coco and Guillermo Keys, where it is the most beautiful beach of Cuba (Playa Pilar), a majestic work of nature geographical position. We have two completely separate Departments of the family house, fitted kitchen, bathroom, spacious living areas and terraces etc, heated, hot water 24 hours, with separate entrance and parking for three cars, as ...

Hostal Dra. Mirta Carballo

Owner: Mirta Carballo Gonzales
License: 8920766
Place: Moron
Address: Calle Dimas Daniel # 19 entre Castillo y Serafina Morón Ciego de Avila Cuba
Rooms: 2 habitaciones y una en forma de apartamento
Phone: +53 33 503036
Mobile: 52840095

Hostal located two blocks from the Parque Marti, Central Square of Morón, the City of the Rooster. Because of its geographical position, the closest to the Coco and Guillermo Cays, where is the most beautiful beach of Cuba (Playa Pilar), a majestic work of nature. We have two rooms with air conditioning, hot water 24 hours of TV and DVD, with independent entrance and garage for three cars, as well ...


Owner: MSc. Milagros Reyes Cepeda y MSc. Lorenzo Fleites Smith
License: 634460
Place: Moron
Address:  Casa No. 19, ubicada en la Calle 5. Esta calle se localiza, frente a la Tapia de Ferrocarriles en la Avenida de Tarafa, vial principal para la salida de Morón hacia Ciego de Ávila. 
Rooms: 1
Email: ;
Phone: Fijos: 33-50-4582 y 33-50-4801
Mobile: 53-53767479 ; 53 - 58585152

DESCRIPCIÓN. CARACTERÍSTICAS: Habitación Habitación Única, Independiente, con cocina, sala-comedor terraza y portal, ubicada en segunda planta. Escalera por fuera, con acceso independiente. Cantidad de camas 1 (camera) + 1 suplementaria. Baño interior. SI Baño independiente. SI Baño compartido. NO Ducha caliente. SI Aire Acondicionado. SI Ventilador. SI Refrigerador. SI TV SI DVD/Video. SI Estéreo. - Ventanas SI Patio. --- Terraza SI Portal. SI Precio temporada baja. 20 Precio temporada alta. ...

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Hotel Morón

Hotel Morón

We\'re not sure why anyone would choose to overnight in Mor?n, but if you must then this is your nicest option. It\'s not saying much. Recently transferred from the Cubanac?n to the Islazul chain, it\'s the town\'s own version of the uninspired Bauhaus-style, Soviet-era, three-story structures found islandwide. On the south side of town, a 15-minute walk from the historic center, it\'s perfectly adequate for a night, but no longer.

The high points include a barber shop, tiny games room, tennis court (but no equipment), and a vast swimming pool that\'s the setting for noisy weekend revelries when local families flock. There\'s a tour desk (but surely you\'ll have your own car), and Internet service. And the buffet restaurant is spacious, albeit limited in fare, standards, and service. Mosquitoes abound in the lobby, with its decorative pool of standing water.