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Owner: marco cecchi
Place: Nueva Gerona
Address: calle 24 entre 45 y 47 n.4510
Rooms: 6
Phone: 0053 53509128
Mobile: 0053 58123693

This particular house is situated in the heart ISLA TU of Gerona and has all eight quarters with bathroom, hot water and air-conditioned, 3 of which have a balcony. It offers brand new rooms on three floors, a paladar, bar and disco in the terrace and dancing with live music free of charge.


License: 009
Place: Nueva Gerona
Address: Calle 35 N°2410 % 24 y36 Nueva Gerona Isla de la Juventud Cuba
Rooms: 3
Phone: +5346312962
Mobile: +53 5 828 6809

Casa Paricular situada en el mismo centro de nueva gerona, a pocos pasos de la terminal de Ferri. Cuenta con 3 habitaciones de lujo dos habitaciones con entradas esternas. Dispone de un balcon ventilado y espacioso,una sala confortable con TV 3D, un Bar de lujo al interno de la casa, una comedor grande ventilado, una cocina comodisima y una sala juego (billar, domino etc) En las areas exteriores cuenta con ...

Elda House

Owner: Elda Cepero Herrera
Place: Nueva Gerona
Address: Calle 43 # 2004 entre 20 et 22. Nueva Gerona. Isle of Youth.
Rooms: 2
Phone: (53) (46) 32-2774

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Top 2 of 2 Hotels in Nueva Gerona

Hotel Gran Caribe Rancho el Tesoro

Hotel Gran Caribe Rancho el Tesoro

Hotel Gran Caribe Rancho el Tesoro is located in a very calm, beautiful environment, very close to the city of Nueva Gerona, in the province of Isla de la Juventud, about 150 km away from Havana. Rancho el Tesoro was founded in 1956 and is set with good taste in the beautiful surroundings. Hotel facilities are very basic and include only a bar, Cuban cuisine restaurant, a little shop and private parking.

From Rancho el Tesoro hotel you can book various tours to visit main attractions of Isla de la Juventud: Punta Frances National Marine Park, Bibijagua Beach, the Los Indios-San Felipe Natural Preserve, the pictographs in Punta del Este caves and many more.

Gran Caribe Rancho el Tesoro hotel is only 1 star, offers very basic facilities and is recommended for backpackers.

Hotel Villa Gran Caribe Isla de la Juventud

Hotel Villa Gran Caribe Isla de la Juventud

About one mile southeast of Nuevo Gerona, amid woodsy surrounds on the eastern bank of the River Las Casas (a suspension bridge leads across the river), this small hotel is run by the Gran Caribe group after years as a totally unimpressive \"also-ran\" in the Gaviota chain. It\'s rather a sad testament to the state of things on Isla de la Juventud that this desultory hotel is the best option.

The post-modernist Cubist design makes bold use of the local gray marble hewn from nearby mountains peaking over the treetops. The complex is built around a swimming pool, which draws local families on weekends, when the music gets cranked up and guests seeking peace and quiet are plain out of luck. Facilities here are meager. There\'s a plain restaurant with gray marble sparkling underfoot, plus a small games room.