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Top 2 of 2 Casas in Pinares de Mayari

Juan Vicente

Owner: Karina de los Semidei
Place: Pinares de Mayari
Address: Juan Vicente Loma #50 Mayari, Holguin
Rooms: 3
Phone: 532 450 1316
Mobile: 535 245 4050

Minutes from Mayari in a beautiful country setting, in proximity to cayo Saetia. At Casa Juan Vicente we are focused on providing you the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything possible to meet your expectations. With a variety of accomodation options and services to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy to stay with us. We invite to view our website ...


License: 02/14
Place: Pinares de Mayari
Rooms: 3
Email: &
Phone: 24-502603 (con contestadora)
Mobile: 54-088499 54-673151

Apartamento en el segundo nivel,con entrada y salida independientes,habitaciones espaciosas,climatizadas con split,baño privado,con agua caliente balcon a la calle y terraza,sala de estar, refrigerador,tv,dvd,zona WI-FI,excelente confort y privacidad,cercano a Pinares de Mayari,Salto de agua\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"El Guayabo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" y Cayo Saetia. ...

No casas are currently available in Pinares de Mayari, Holguin

Top 1 of 1 Hotels in Pinares de Mayari

Hotel Gaviota Villa Pinares de Mayari

Hotel Gaviota Villa Pinares de Mayari

There\'s not much choice when it comes to eco-lodges in Cuba. One of the better options is Villa Pinares de Mayar?, deep in the forests of La Mensura National Park, in the Nipe Cristal mountain region northeast of Holgu?n. Getting there is another matter however. Forget driving yourself ? the \"road\" is a demon, suitable only for the ex-army trucks that will deliver you courtesy of organized tours ofered by Gaviota, which runs the facility.

Set amid pine forest, this mountain resort formerly served the Communist elite, so it comes with a bunch of facilities you wouldn\'t expect, such as swimming pool (with water slide), gymnasium, tennis court, and even basketball and volleyball courts. The main lodge is vaguely Teutonic.

Made of natural timbers and stone, the 28 guest rooms in A-frame Colorado-style cabins and bungalows are quite charming. Furnishings are at a bare minimum, however, and the two twin beds with flimsy pillows are not the most comfortable you\'ll ever sleep in. You need to squint to see the tiny TV in your meagerly furnished lounge.