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Hotels in Marina Hemingway, Siboney & Flores, Havana

Hotel Cubanacan Acuario

Hotel Cubanacan Acuario

Havana\'s only all-inclusive hotel, this one is all the way out on the western fringe of the city, within Marina Hemingway. Hence, it is far from an ideal spot for tourists ? the taxi rides to and fro eat up the budget quickly, although the Habanabustour, introduced in 2008, provides a new and cheap option. Making the most of the various shops, restaurants, and leisure activities within the marina requires wheels (or a love of long treks). Fortunately the hotel has bicycle rental, but the bikes are not well-maintained.

The 292 air-conditioned guest rooms are furnished in autumnal colors, with attractive spreads and matching curtains and nondescript hardwood pieces.