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Casas in Bayamo


Owner: Guido Santiesteban
Place: Bayamo
Address: Coronel Estrada # 76 entre capote y juan Rodriguez
Rooms: 3

Rent three rooms for the price 25.00 cuc each one at two floors; at the ground floor you can find one room with two double beds, private bathroom, air conditioning, fan, windows, pantry and a terrace. At the first floor there are two more rooms, one with one double and one single bed and other with one double bed, each with private bathroom, air conditioning, fan, windows; the first room ...

Casa Hostal Bayamo

Owner: Antonio Losada López
License: 37/4
Place: Bayamo
Address: Av.Amado Estévez n.67(altos)e/8 y A Reparto: jesús Menéndez.
Rooms: 3
Phone: (+53)23429127
Mobile: (+53)52719085

A modern house in the center of Bayamo city, Cradle of the Cuban Nationality. The house is very near of all the cultural, historical, social and economic facilities for the guests To just few meters from the Boulevard of the city and to five minutes from the bus station, the house has three independent, acclimatized rooms with audio system, new mattresses and three private bathrooms with abundant cold and hot ...

Casa Ana Marti Vasquez

Owner: Ana Martí Vasquez
Place: Bayamo
Address: Calle Cespedes 4, tween Canducha and Maceo, 5 seconds walk from superb Plaza de la Revolucion (Parque Cespedes), Bayamo City. Granma
Rooms: 2
Phone: (053)(23) 45-5323

Casa Libia Marti Vasquez

Owner: Libia Martí Vasquez
Place: Bayamo
Address: Calle Maximo Gomez No. 56, entre Saco y Leon, overlooking Bayamo river, two steps from casa run by her sister, Bayamo. Granma
Rooms: 1
Phone: (053) (32) 42-56-71

Villa Luz

Owner: Luz Delfina Martí
Place: Bayamo
Address: Town centre, calle Donato Marmol #118, entre Fco. V. Aguilera et Maceo, Bayamo City. Granma
Rooms: 2
Phone: (053)(23) 42-3555

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