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***** Burton House*****,  Central Havana Havana

***** Burton House*****

Owner: Mrs. Burton
Place: Central Havana
Address: San Lázaro # 966 Piso 3 e/ Hospital y Aramburu
Rooms: 4

The Burton Penthouse in Central Havana is a perfect place to pass your holidays traveling with family or groups of friends.We are in close proximity to sea,Vedado and Old Havana.We have a terrace overlooking the city where you can enjoy your breakfast and make photos.

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Our view of the city

Our view of the city

Our view of the city

Our view of the city

Mrs. Burton

The terrace

The terrace

The terrace

Welcome to our house!

The drawing room

The living room

The hall

The bedroom Nº1

The bathroom Nº1

The bedroom Nº2

The bedroom Nº3

The bathroom Nº2

The bedroom Nº4 entrance

The bedroom Nº4

The bathroom Nº3

The kitchen Nº1

Baked pineapple chicken!

The dining room

The kitchen Nº2

Delicious lobster!

Great breakfast

Burton´s Omelette (very famous!)

Guests having breakfast

Guests having breakfast

Farewell to guests

Farewell to guests

Farewell to guests

Farewell to guests

San Lázaro street

´El Malecón Habanero´