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Villa Luna.,  Banes Holguin

Villa Luna.

Owner: Edward y Maritza Cruz
Place: Banes
Address: #347 General Marrero street CP82300 Banes. It\\\'s in the center of Banes at the boulevard
Rooms: 3 rooms
Phone: (0053)(24)80-2918
Mobile: +53 53583147

The beautiful guesthouse is in the center of Banes direct at the boulevard.

The owners are a nice family. Edward speaks very well English.

In the front of the house you have a general room for a nice conversation with the ownwer or other people. You can also drink or eat something there.

The owners are very helpful. They showed my nice places, in and outside of the city or take my out in the evening.

The room is very clean with every dat fresh towels.

If I get back to Cuba, I will visit them again. I could not think of a better place to stay in Banes.

It is possible to get breakfast, lunch and diner.

The food is very excellent with fresh ingredients. You can choose between fish or meat.

In the evening they can make a nice Cuba Libre or Mochito.

The rooms have:

All rooms have a private bathroom with a hot shower.

Air conditioning.


Electricity 110/220 Volts.


Refrigerator (incl. Freezer)

Double Bed.

Hot water.

Library with english books.

One room with private balcony, kitchen and diner table.

Laundry service.

Car parking nearby.

3 room for rent.

Prices: per night 25 CUC. For 2 persons

Breakfast 3 or 4 CUC.

Lunch and Diner depending on the food.

6 till 10 CUC.

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Room 1

Nice room with double bed, aircondition,ventilator,refrigerator (incl. Freezer),television, private bad room, private diner room with kitchen and balcony.

Room 1

double bedroom

Room 1

intrance room 1

Room 1

Private bathroom with hot shower.

Room 1

Private kitchen en diner room

Room 2

Nice room with double bed privat bathroom, Refrigerator (incl. Freezer, television, aircondition, ventilator

Room 2

Room 2

Private bathroom with hot water shower.

Room 3

Nice room with double bed, privat bathroom, Refrigerator (incl. Freezer, television, aircondition and ventilator.

Room 3

Private bathroom with hot water shower


The general living room in the front of the house. For a nice conversation or the drink something.


The front of the guest house, for a nice sitting outside.


The guest house at the boulevard.


The car free boulevard.


The landmark of the house


For more information contact us by telephone or e-mail.