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Hostal Casa Yohn,  Remedios Villa Clara

Hostal Casa Yohn

Owner: Arq. Roberto Morales Perez
Place: Remedios
Address: Independencia #24. E/ Brigadier Gonzáles y Gonzalo de Quesada. Remedios 52700. Villa Clara. Cuba
Rooms: Two rooms
Phone: 530142395240
Mobile: 5352474755

A colonial mansion located in the historic center of the city is the home to the hostel \\\"Casa Yohn\\\". Guests can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, with two air-conditioned rooms, private baths with hot water, international menu, minibar, internet and telephone service. Only 45 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Cayo Santa Maria, the major attraction of the province.

Located in \\\"San Juan de los Remedios\\\" or simply \\\"Remedios\\\", eighth village founded in Cuba in 1515, the hostel \\\"Casa Yohn\\\" is an excellent starting point for discovering the main attractions in the region: The \\\"Parrandas Remedianas\\\", one of the three national holidays in the country, held the nights of 8, 15 and 24 December; the northern coast of the province, a haven of beautiful beaches yet to be discovered; the High Church \\\"San Juan Bautista\\\", the oldest building in town; the music museum \\\"Casa Natal de Alejandro Garcia Caturla\\\", where original scores of the authentic composer are guarded; \\\"Rancho Querete\\\", the main option of ecotourism, with hiking, horseback riding, cockfighting, and swim in the river.

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Hostel Casa Yohn - Living Room

This a view of Hostel Casa Yohn\' Living Room.