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Brisas del Mar,  Playa Guardalavaca Holguin

Brisas del Mar

Owner: Odalmis González González
License: 391636
Place: Playa Guardalavaca
Address: Edificio Nro. 8, Apartamento Nro. 8, 4to piso, Banes, Holguín
Rooms: 2
Phone: +535 801 5820
Mobile: Reserva: +535 409 2953

The lodging Brisas del Mar is an accommodation for those who want to enjoy Guardalavaca Beach in an intimate and peaceful environment, surrounded by nature and away from the big hotels. It is located in an elevated area, which has a forest as background tapestry and in front of magnificent scenery that shows the sea and the beach.

It is an independent house composed of two bedrooms, a bathroom and an area that serves as kitchen and breakfast area. It has a large outdoor patio and an old tree, under which you can sit on a rustic bench and enjoy the beautiful visual environment. In an annexed building the family, their parents, sister and nephews live. Because of the layout and size of the house, it can accommodate up to four people. The two rooms are communicated and have a bathroom in common, one of them has a double bed, air conditioning and television; the other is smaller and has a double bed and fan.

The house is located in a rural area that is shared with a small number of homes, in an elevated area.

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